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About Rancho Palos Verdes California

Rancho Palos Verdes RPV is a city in the Los Angeles (LA) metropolitan area of California (CA), located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula’s bluffs. The area of Palos Verdes has a land of 13.5 sq. yard mile, which is almost land, according to the Census Bureau of the USA. Rolling Hills City, Rolling Hills Estates, PVP, and Palos Verdes Estates City surround the city. With breathtaking views of Santa Catalina Island, Los Angeles, and the Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that RPV is one of the country’s most populous census regions. It also has some of the top schools and the most extensive hiking and equestrian paths in the country.

Demographics of Rancho Palos Verdes :

The 2010 Census Demographic

According to the 2010 US Census, the population of RPV was 41,643. Rancho Palos Verse has a density population of around three thousand and ninety-two people per square mile.  The ethnicity of the residents of RPV was 0.617 white (25,700), with 0.560 percent being non-Spanish white. African Americans’ heads are being counted approximately at 1,015 which is 0.24. Native Americans are eighty, which is, 0.02. Asians also reside in the area, which is approximately around 12,080. The percentage ratio of Asians in Rancho Palos Verdes is 0.29. There are 41 Pacific Islanders that are about 0.04. You can also find other races that are approximately around 748, being 0.18. Furthermore, there are 1984 people who belong to other races that are around only 0.48 percentage. 0.85 percent of the population was Latino or Hispanic of any race – being 3 thousand and fifty-five-six hundred in numbers.

Based on the census report, 0.8% (313) of people reside in unsupervised (non-committed) collective residences, and 0.1% (27) was institutionalized. Most of the RPV population i.e., 99.2% (41,303) resided in households. Out of 15,561 total households, 33.3% (5,187) households had children less than 18 years of age residing therein, while 67.3% (10,465) had heterogenous married couples living together. About 3.0% (460) of householders had a male without a wife, while 7.8% (1,218) of households had a female householder without a husband. About 2.0% (304) were unmarried opposite-sex partners, while 0.5% (85) couples were living in homosexual relations. Individuals made up 18.9% (2,936) of the households. About 11.6% (1,810) households had single individuals aged ≥65. The average size of the family was found to be 2.65. About 0.78 of the total households had 12,143 families, with an standard family size of 3.03.

A diversification of ages was observed in the RPV population. There were 22.2%, 5.6%, 16.9%, 32.0%, and 23.2% people were below 18,  eighteen to twenty-four, twenty-five to forty-four, forty-five to sixty-four, and sixty-five or above sixty-five years of age, accordingly.  Around forty-seven years was recorded as the average age. Moreover, there were ninety-four men for every 100 females and 90.1 men for every 100 females aged around eighteen years and older.

In addition, 16,179 residences were found with an mean 1,201.5/ concentration sq mile, with 80.2% (12,485) of owner-occupancy and 3,076 (0.198) rented residences. The occupancy rate for homeowners was found to be 0.6%, while the rates of vacancy were recorded at 6.4% in rental housing. Owner-occupied housing units accounted for 33,015 people (0.793), while rental residences accounted for 19.9% of the people (8,288). As per the 2010 census, there were 0.45% of the people of RPV living under the poverty at federal level with an average income of $118,893.

The 2020 Census Demographic:

As per 2020 census, the RPV population has experienced a decline, reducing to become 40, 950. RPV is considered to be the 955th most populous city in the US, while in California, it is the 205th most populous city. The population of RPV has dropped by 0.167 since the last census in 2010, with a steady annual decline of -0.71%. It was in 2015 when RPV had its largest population (42,401) ever. In 2020, RPVs’ average household pay had elevated to become 181 thousand and 600 hundred dollars.

Education of the Rancho Palos Verdes:

The area has multiple well-known private institutions, Rolling Hills Country Day School (K–8) and Chadwick School (K–12). RPV is home to Marymount California University that offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as the Salvation Army College in Crestmont to train officers.

Furthermore, the RPV is served by two school districts: the PVPUSD, and the LAUSD, which are located in the RPV’ Eastview site. Children of Eastview residents have had the choice of studying in the LAUSD as well as PVPUSD . Propositions to transfer the LAUSD share to PVPUSD were approved by 0.845 registered voters in 1992. However, the transfer was prohibited by Mr. O’Neil, who was the LA Superior Court Judge.

District RPV’ School for Public is considered among the finest in the country. According to the current News of American poll, PVPHS and Palos Verdes High School (PVHS) are ranked 156th and 269th on the national level, and 24th and 43rd in the state, respectively. On the PVP, the Library Palos Verdes District t maintains three libraries, including the Library of the Miraleste in RPV city.

Features Of Rancho Palos Verdes Government:

There is no charter for RPV. Every odd-numbered year, on November’s 1st Tuesday, candidates for the RPV’s five at-large council seats are nominated and elected in consecutive, apolitical elections. The dwelling members of the city council pick the mayor pro as well as mayor tempore every year. At this point, every member of the council of the city had held the position of mayor at some point.

The city council, as of 16th Feb of the present year, comprised of Eric Alegria and Mr. Bradley as mayor and mayor pro tem, respectively, with three councilmembers: Barbara Ferraro, John Cruikshank, and D. Ken.

Algeria Mayor and Mayor Mr. P.T. Cruikshank had led the RPV Council in November 2017. Dyda is also a member of the council, who had been 91 years old. He was nominated to the RPV’s first council in 1973. In November 2019, members of the council Ferraro and Bradley (Ferraro had also acted as a mayor for several years, afterward, she stepped down from the council and re-entered the competition two years ago) were nominated. The managers are appointed by the city council to handle the daily operations of the municipality and its employees, as stipulated in the municipal code. Currently, Ara Mihranian is the manager of the city. If you wish to learn more about the government, please click the like to visit the City Of Rancho Palos Verdes Facebook Page.

Representation at the Federal, Local and State Level

RPV is part of the 4th District in LA County, where Janice Hahn represents the community. RPV is represented in the CA State Legislature by Democrats Ben Allen (26th Senate District) and Al Muratsuchi (66th Assembly District). RPV is characterized in the lower house of the Congress by Democrat Mr. Lieu.

Emergency Services For Rancho Palos Verdes Residents :

The Fire Department of Los Angeles County and services of Ambulance McCormick provide emergency medical services in RPV.

The Sheriff’s Department of LA County administers the Station of the Lomita in Lomita and offers law execution services to RPV.

The Medical Institution of Harbor UCLA  is run by the LA County Department of Health Services and serves RPV. It is located in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of LA, near Torrance.

Landmarks Near Rancho Palos Verdes:

Wayfarers Chapel, developed by the son of Mr. F. L. Wright  Lloyd Wright and completed during three years (1949-1950) is listed on the NRHP and is located along the coast. It is known for its organic construction and its placement atop cliffs overlooking the ocean of the pacific. Wayfarer Chapel is also a historical monument of Emanuel Swedenborg, Theosopher as well as an 18th-century scientist. Because of its magnificent sights of the sea of the pacific, the chapel is famous for receptions. Weddings and funerals were filmed at the chapel in the channel Fox adolescent drama series, The O.C. It was also briefly shown in The Rockford Files and on the American science fiction television series namely Sliders. The chapel was also included in the final wedding scene of 90210’s season four episodes Innerspace. The chapel also appeared in the drama series Revenge and was included in the exclusive last moments of the 2014 film Endless Love. Also seen in Episode 10 of season 2 of The Rockford Files. The wedding scene in Marina and the Diamonds’ “Baby” music video was shot in the chapel, as did the wedding scene in Lucifer, a CW drama.

The Point Vicente Lighthouse – Rancho Palos Verdes, established in 1926, is placed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) that registered the lighthouse in 1980. It is a 67-foot (20 m)-tall lighthouse perched on a 130-foot-high cliff (40 m). It is located between the lighthouses of Point Loma and Point Conception. The US Coast Guard manages the lighthouse, which is held by the US government.

On the PVP, California, the Portuguese Bend section is an area with intact vegetation. Because of the area’s unstable geology, construction is not feasible. The landslide region of Bend of Portuguese, North America’s greatest consistently shifting landslides, extends beside the south coast. In the year 2009, the RPV city finished the acquiring of the Natural Preservation off the Palos Verdes (2 sq miles)  northern part of the region of San Diego and southern part of the region Santa Barbara, with the help of the PVP Land Conservancy.

The Terranea Resort has been rebuilt on the region of the original Pacific Marineland (1954–87). Resort of the Terranea is a luxury Mediterranean-style resort with 582 suites as well as guest rooms on a wide and large 102-acre estate.

Trump National Club of Golf  LA is present in RPV. Donald J. Trump and Pete Dye Signature Design created the course. The organization of trump owns it. The educational program was set to open when the 18th hole slipped to the pacific ocean due to a landslide. After the trials of the gold club were declared bankruptcy, Trump purchased the estate for twenty million dollars on November 26, 2002, anticipating reshaping the course. It contains a forty-five thousand sq ft (4 thousand and two hundred m2) clubhouse. Golf Magazine ranks it as one of the 100 most influential programs that you can enjoy.

Furthermore, the Army of Salvation School in RPV has been built to train officers.

The city, like other communities on the PVP, were compelled to discover strategies to manage the wild peafowl population. Mr. Vanderlip led a consortium that purchased hughe acres approximately 16, 000 (sixty-five hundred ha) of land on the peninsula and began developing it. He intended to bring the birds (around 1910) to the area.

Faucet head of Rancho Palos Verdes Resident
Rancho Palos Verdes Faucet


Peafowl is plentiful in the city.

Economy For Rancho Palos Verdes Citizens:

Top Employers:

The top three employers in the RPV city, according to the 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, are PVPUSD, Terranea Resort, and Trump National Golf Club, with 1,970, 730, and 260 employees, respectively.

Notable people:

Artist John Van Hamersveld and Mr. Greenstein professional-grade poker players are two well-known RPV residents. Merrill Moses, an Olympic water polo player, used to live in the area. Eli Morgan, a major league baseball player, grew up in this city. Christen Press, a two-time World Cup champion and forward for the US women’s national soccer team, grew up in the area. Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington used to live in Palos Verdes for a long period. Pete Sampras, the worldwide top-class 1st tennis player, was born and raised here. Eliot Teltscher, a top ten tennis player, was also a resident. Mr. C.J. Boyce, an ex-American military sector operative who was imprisoned in the 1970s for providing US spy satellite information to the USSR , grew up in the area. The writer Mr. Didion, resided at RPV for a short period with her daughter and husband.

Endangered Species Act:

In 1982, the Municipality of RPV started work at Park of Hesse, which resulted in the extinction of the Palos Verdes blue, the most endangered butterflies in the world. A few of these locations were later demolished to make way for new residential construction. Furthermore, fire suppression methods and weed invasions have heavily affected the forest area at all one-left locations. In order to maximize the number of foodplants and, hopefully, butterflies, immediate and extensive restoration of remaining habitat sites is required. A case was filed versus the city, but it was eventually dismissed since the city could not remain liable as a legal entity.


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